Tomasbodahöjden in Närke

The highpoint of Närke in April 2005.
Eva and Caj at the top of Närke in April 2005.
The highpoint of Närke in April 2005.
The visitor's information at the parking in Getingedalen. Eva and Eva prepare for the hike.
Trail marker for the Bergslag's Trail
The Bergslag's Trail is marked with orange blazes on trees and poles. There are also signs at intersections.
The hut at Kilsberg, April 2005.
Coffee is served at the Kilsberg Hut every Sunday during skiing season. The hut is managed by a Scout association that is part of the non-drinking movement. They arrange a lot of activities year around. Very pleasant area.
On the summit.
Summiting the Tomasbodahöjden, 298 m.
Triangle Mark
The Geographical Survey's marker at the highpoint, a triangle mark.
Woods with Gnomes
Just waiting to see a gnome appear.
The Kilsberg's Ridge
A view of the Kilsberg's Ridge from the farmlands below.
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