Upplandsberget (Tallmossen) in Uppland

Caj on Upplandsberget.
Caj on the summit of Upplandsberget. The altitude of this highpoint was measured in 1999,
and the sign in this picture is a memorial for this event. The sign says:
The Athletic Club Thor of Uppsala took the initiative to exactly establish the position of the highpoint.
It was measured by the means of satellites 10/5/1999 by the Swedish Geodetic Survey, Lantmäteriet.
X 6650915.161 Y 1571653.734

Lingonberries, lingonberries, lingonberries ...

Trail advisor
We found a trail to the summit. It was surprising - we'd prepared for a compass exercise
but could instead enjoy the blueberries and lingonberries along the path.

On the way back to the car.

We found another sign close to the car - a wolf pit, just along the road.

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