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Uppsala: Hjortmosseberget - 112 m
Location: ENE Heby
Coordinates: N 59°58.891  E 17°05.177'
Exact height: 112 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 0.7 km round trip
Elevation gain: Approx. 10 m
  Topographic: 12H SV
  Road map: Any road map

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Highpoint of Uppsala county
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Start from the Inn at Rt 72 in central Heby. Reset the trip computer. Drive north in direction "Centrum". Pass the railroad after about 700m and turn right in direction Huddunge. After 3.8 km, turn right in direction Molnebo. In Molnebo, after 6.6 km, turn right again, in direction Östfora. The border to Uppsala county is passed after
15.3 km. About 100 m after the border sign, turn left on a gravel road, Hålsjövägen. Continue about 300 m to a dirt road on the left. Park the car off the road.
Follow the dirt road, in direction NW, for less than 400 m to a big flat stone area. The highpoint is located straight ahead, close to the old concrete foundation.
The highpoint of the province of Uppland is located about 1 km south of this highpoint and is inviting to a double, in the same day.

Topo map, Hjortmosseberget in Uppsala county
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