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Skåne: Magleröd - 212 m
Location: Westsouthwest of Ljungbyhed
Coordinates: N 56°03.912'   E 13°08.295'
Exact height: 212 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 0.4 km roundtrip
Elevation gain: < 10 m
  Topographic: 3C SO Helsingborg
  Road map: Any road map

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Skåne Province and County highpoint
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Note that the map gives the altitude 209.5 m for Magleröd and that the hill Höjehall not far from Magleröd is 209.7 m. Our contact person at the Geographical Survey extracted 212 m from their database though.
Drive from Svalöv to Kågeröd and further on to Stenestad along the road that crosses Söderåsen towards Klippan. Turn right (east) on the right (southern) road, in Gålarp, a bit less than 2 km northeast from the intersection in Stenestad. Continue towards Magleröds Gård. Park along the road or on the driveway to the right after 1.4 km.
The highpoint is about 200 m on the left (northen) side of the road, on a small hill, in the corner of a field. A triangle mark should mark the summit.
We did not find the triangle mark but a sign on the highpoint told us we were on the right spot.
Topo map, Magleröd in Skåne Province and County
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