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Östergötland: Stenabo - 328 m
Location: South of Österbymo
Coordinates: N 57°46.093'   E 15°14.523'
Exact height: 328 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 0.5 km round trip
Elevation gain: < 10 m
  Topographic: 7F SV Tranås
  Road map: Any road map

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Östergötland highpoint
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Alternative 1, from Rydsnäs
Drive southeast from Rydsnäs, between Eksjö and Kisa, to Axebo. Pass Aggarp, Malma and St. Gallarp along the road. Turn left in Axebo and continue about 800 m. Turn left to Stenabo. Continue 500 m to an intersection at the cowshed in Stenabo. Turn left to the radio tower and park the car close to it.

Alternative 2, from Österbymo
Drive mostly southwest from Kisa along route 134 to Österbymo in the southern part of Östergötland. Turn left, south, at the very first larger side road in Österbymo. Drive about 2.3 km from the village and turn right to Axebo. Keep left in an intersection at 3.6 km. There is a sharp right turn in Gällerstena at 5.1 km. Continue mostly south. Pass Älmekulla at 7.1 km. Turn right to Stenabo at 7.5 km. Turn left at the cowshed in Stenabo after 8.0 km to the radio tower. Park the car close to the tower.
Start hiking at the radio tower and walk towards the meadow. Continue in the direction of some birches at the edge of the woods. Walk around a point of rocks that enters the meadow and hike straight to the highpoint in the woods. A fallen down tree house is close to the summit and a triangle marker shows where the highpoint is. There is a pipe with a note that locates the marker.
Topo map Stenabo in Östergötland
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