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Stockholm: St Tornberget - 111 m
Location: West of Västerhaninge
Coordinates: N 59°08,215  E 18°00,965'
Exact height: 111 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance:
  Main route: 4 km round trip
  Alternative route: 5 km round trip
Elevation gain: Approx. 50 m
  Topographic: 10I SO
  Road map: Any road map

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Stockholms läns highpoint
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Main route:
Drive mainly west on Rt. 257. From the 90-degree curve in Tungelsta it is approx. 4.6 km until you should leave the main road. Pass the turn-off for Prästängen and also the one to Wedan. Take the next gravel road to the right (north) and continue about 550 m. Park close to the intersection with a small dirt road with a [sometime closed] gate. This location is marked with a "P" in the map below.

Alternative route:
From Rt. 73 south from Stockholm and Handen, take Rt. 259 towards Huddinge. After approx. 7 km make a left in Ekedal, towards Paradiset (The Paradise). Continue another 3.5 km until you reach Paradiset and park here. See also Föreningen Paradiset Hanvedens vänner only in Swedish.
Main route:
Hike on the small dirt road to the right and past the gate. After about 400 m, another dirt road heads off to the right, stay straight here for another 300 m. Look for a trail in the woods on the right hand side. It is marked with white and green square markers. Stay on this trail for about 1.1 km until you reach the summit of St Tornberget. At this point, the trail merges with Sörmlandsleden, which is marked with orange markers.

Alternative route:
From the parking lot in Paradiset follow Sörmlandsleden south to the summit of St Tornberget. This part of Sörmlandsleden is called section 5.3.

The highpoint of Stockholms County is located in Hanvedens nature reserve.
The alternate route, described above, uses section 5.3 of Sörmlandsleden from Paradiset. On a trail map St Tornberget is found in the lower left corner.

Topographic map St Tornberget in Stockholms county
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