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Province of Lappland: Kebnekaise - 2111 m
Location: West of Kiruna
Coordinates:N 67°54.054'   E 18°31.041'
Exact height: 2111 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 62 km round trip
Elevation gain: ~ 1850 m
  Topographic: Fjällkartan BD6 or BD8,
  Högfjällskartan Kebnekaise
  Road map: Any road map

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Along the ridge to the summit
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Use bus 92 from Kiruna to Nikkaluokta. The ride is about one hour. There are several possibilities to go from Nikkaluokta to the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge. The price differs between the alternatives but any of them takes you 230 m higher (prices are from summer 2005):
1. Hiking, 19 km along a trail
2. Hiking and boat, 13 + 6 km, SEK 140, one way, and SEK 200, return ticket
3. Helicopter, SEK 500, one way
Western route (Class 1)
Use the route information available in the mountain lodge. The Western route is about 24 km and the altitude gain is 1620 m.

Eastern route (Class 4)
Use the route information available in the mountain lodge. There are guided tours available for the Eastern route as it crosses glaciers and also contains a bit of easy rock climbing. These sections are traversed with the group roped up. The Eastern route is about 14 km and the altitude gain is 1420 m.

Route from the Tarfala Hut (Class 4 + steep snow and ice)
Hike the trail from the mountain lodge to the Tarfala Hut, about 7 km. Spend the night in the hut and rest. Cross the Tarfala creek and hike up and across the Isfall glacier to the bottom of Hals pass. Climb the steep snow field to the pass. Be careful when crossing the bergschrund in the lower part of the snow field. Continue south from the pass, rock climbing following a traditional route with fixed protection. Hike up and across the snow field to the Northern summit. Follow the knife edge ridge to the Southern summit - the highest point in Sweden. Continue South across the summit plateau to the old top hut. Follow the Eastern route down the face to the ridge of Björling's glacier. Cross the glacier to the pass to the Stor glacier at Nygren's route. Follow the Stor glacier back to the Tarfala creek and back to the Tarfala Hut. This route is about 14 km and has a gain of about 1100 m. We have made a map for this route.
The Kebnekaise Mountain lodge is busy during the summer. Make sure to reserve a bed in advance and charge the batteries for the summit attempt. Information on the different routes and other things to do at the lodge is available at the web site of the Swedish Touring Club, STF.

More information on Kebnekaise is available in Swedish at kebnekaise.nu.

Topo map Kebnekaise
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