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Närke: Tomasbodahöjden - 298 m
Location: NW of Örebro
Coordinates: N 59°23.046'   E 14°58.325'
Exact height: 298 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 6.6 km round trip, on trail and on road
Elevation gain: 60 m
  Topographic: 10F NV
  Road map: Any road map

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Närke's highpoint
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From the Ekersvägen intersection at Rt E18/E20 in Örebro, drive towards Närkes Kil. Pass the sideroad to Frösvidal after 6.5 km. Närkes Kil is passed at 10.8 km. Turn left, to Bocksboda, at 11.9 km. The paved road becomes gravel at 17.4 km. There is a parking at the trailhead in Getingedalen at 20.3 km. Visitor's information and maps are available at the parking.
Hike south on the Bergslag's Trail. Starting on a gravel road and then through the woods. There are left-overs from art-work along the trail to the Kilsberg's Hut. The art was made during an artist's convention from material found in nature. E.g. a collection of pine tree cones stored between two branches in a tree, ten feet above ground; Branches from birch hanging from ropes between two trees; The silhouette of two fish cut in stones on the trail by a stonemason.
The trail to the summit differs from the dotted line in the topo map. Hike from the hut, passing the grill area with an open fire ring and passing a cottage from the old days when charcoal stacks were operated in the area. The trail is well marked from the cottage to the summit.
The trail that is marked in the map crosses a wet area that can be hard to pass. The trail from the summit to L Dammsjön passes an area that was recently logged, creating a hodge podge of trails and tracks making it almost impossible to find the right trail.
A viewpoint close to the Kilsberg's Hut is reached by a side trail from the Bergslag's Trail. The viewpoint is marked with an arrow in the map.
Close to L Dammsjön is the Trolldalen nature preserve (the Gnome valley). The preserve is worth a detour and is reached by a spur trial about 1 km south of the Kilsberg's Hut.

Topo map Tomasbodahöjden in Närke
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