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Värmland: Granberget - 701 m
Location: E Höljes in N Värmland
Coordinates: N 60°53.848  E 12°44.523'
Exact height: 701 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 8.2 km round trip
Elevation gain: Approx. 200 m
  Topographic: 14C SO
  Road map: Any road map

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We haven't been to Granberget sofar
and we are happy and thankful receivers, should anyone want to submit information.

Drive Rt 62 South from Höljes, about 12 km, to Kärrbackstrand. Turn left, N, towards Spjutbergssätern. Keep right after about 3.5 km and continue 4.5 km to a T intersection. Keep left and then right after about 400 m. Continue uphill and approach yet another intersection after 900 m. Keep left and continue 400 m to next intersection and park.
The Värmlandsleden hiking trail cross the right branch of the road 100 m from the intersection. Follow the trail to the left for about 4 km to the summit of Granberget. A lookout tower is situated on the summit.

   Värmlandsleden - A jewel among low altitude trails
   Värmlandsleden - The nonexistent?

Topo map, Granberget in Värmland
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