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Småland: Tomtabacken - 377 m
Location: South of Malmbäck
Coordinates: N 57°30.019'   E 14°28.205'
Exact height: 377 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 1.0 km round trip
Elevation gain: 20 m
  Topographic: 6E NV Nässjö
  Road map: Any road map

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Jönköping and Småland highpoint
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Drive south from the railroad intersection in the center of Malmbäck (southwest of Nässjö). There is a sign to Tomtabacken. Pass the road to Hok after 1 km and the village of Estenstorp after 7.3 km. Park in the Tomtabacken parking area in St. Åkerhult, 9.2 km from Malmbäck.
Hike east from the parking and follow a spur trail to the summit. There is a watch tower and several antennas on the summit. There should be a triangle marker on the summit. It may be hidden by the concrete fundation below the tower.
The hiking trail that passes Tomtabacken is called Höglandsleden (the Highland Trail).
Topo map, Tomtabacken in Småland and Jönköpings County
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