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Öland: Rösslösa - 58 m
Location: SE of Mörbylångs
Coordinates: N 56°29.799'   E 16°25.333'
Exact height: 58 m
Hiking: Class 1 (What's this?)
Hiking distance: 2.0 km round trip
Elevation gain: 25 m
  Topographic: 4G SO
  Road map: Road atlas for Öland

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Drive from central Mörbylånga to Rt 136 and continue south to Bredinge. It is about 6.5 km. Turn right, west, in Bredinge and then right, north, after 250 m. Continue 1 km and turn right again. Park after about 1 km on this road, just north of Rösslösa.
The highpoint of Öland is somewhere on the ridge about 350 m east of the road. The summit is not marked in the map so a GPS would help to find the right spot. An educated guess is that the highpoint is at the ancient castle, Bårbyborg, about 1 km north of the suggested parking, on the northen part of the ridge.

Topo map, Rösslösa in the Province of Öland
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